3 Great Ways To Show Gratitude To Your Employees

 3 Great Ways To Show Gratitude To Your Employees

According to Dr Ashley Whillans, a specialist in behavioural science from the Harvard Business School, ‘what really matters in the workplace is helping employees feel appreciated’. Regularly praising employees and being grateful for their good work are essential ingredients in creating a positive work culture where employees are encouraged to shine and succeed.

Here, we discuss 3 easy and effective ways to show gratitude to your employees:

1. Gift Giving

From points-based incentives to performance-based incentives, employee of the month to suggestions of improvement, giving employees a gift to thank them for their outstanding efforts is a great way to boost motivation, satisfaction, and positivity in the workplace.

The type of gifts employees appreciate include gift cards, opportunities to upskill (training programmes or courses), or something that caters to their interests (event tickets like concerts or art exhibitions, restaurant vouchers, a book you had discussed with them, etc.).

2. Quality time

Managers and employees spend a lot of time together in the workplace – be it in team meetings, over a cup of coffee in the kitchen, at social events, etc. but in most cases, these meetings are just by chance. Communication between managers and employees is important – employees want regular meetings for performance reviews or to be updated on important business matters; communication like this is what makes them feel valued in the workplace.

Regularly schedule ‘quality time’ with your employees. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss their performance and career path, find out if there are any areas in the business they would like to upskill in, and recognise them for their strong contribution towards the company’s goals and objectives.  It’s important that these meetings are done on a frequent basis to keep high levels of productivity and interest in the workplace.

3. Words of affirmation

Studies have found saying ‘thank you’ to employees boosts their morale, increases their job satisfaction and creates an overall healthy, positive culture. A 2013 Glassdoor Employee Appreciation Survey found that 53% of employees would stay at their company longer if they felt more appreciation from their manager and 81% admitted they feel motivated to work harder when their manager shows appreciation for their work.

Whether you want to say it face-to-face, put it down on paper, or send it via email, make sure you regularly thank your employees for all that they do for the company. Employees are so pleased to receive a note or email from their boss thanking them for a job well done.

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