3 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement With Gamification

Gamification In The Workplace

Gamification is the process of using game-based elements such as scoring, rewards or competition in the workplace to boost employee productivity and engagement. According to this Medium article, 90% of employees are more productive when they use gamification and 72% of people believe that gamification inspires them to work harder. It also reports that using game-based motivation can increase engagements levels by 48%.

With these stats in mind, here are 3 ways to deploy gamification in the workplace:

1. Train employees

Performance Coach and Founder of Clearview Coaching Group Jane Downes previously told us ‘employees like to be invested in – so sitting down with their boss to create a career plan or being offered an external coach to help them with their performance development is a big incentive’.

Gamification is an excellent way to teach employees new skills needed to succeed in the workplace. A great example of a company that successfully deployed gamification for learning is Deloitte. By incorporating gamification principles within their Deloitte Leadership Academy (DLA), the company was able to motivate employees to sign up and complete training courses. Gamification elements such as leaderboards, missions, and badges were embedded into training programmes; after the implementation, the company reported a 37% increase in the number of users returning to the site each week.

2. Enhance job performance

Gamification is an effective way of motivating employees as it teaches them new skills and new ways of reaching targets in a fun, engaging environment.

Salesforce introduced the ‘Big Game Hunter’ programme to increase usage of its CRM system amongst its sales representatives and boost employee engagement. Sales representatives started out as ‘Chicken Hunters’ and gradually worked their way towards bigger game statuses as they became more familiar with new CRM features. It was reported that, for one customer, compliance increased over 40%.

3. Improve communication

Gamification practices are a great way to provide employees with regular feedback on their job performance – something that can be easily overlooked, resulting in disengagement within companies.

American retail giant Target introduced implemented gamification elements to boost employee engagement and morale. The retailer introduced a game for cashiers to play when checking out items for customers. Thanks to red and green lights that blinked to show items were scanned optimally, Target cashiers received real-time performance feedback, something they wouldn’t have gotten before this gamification system was introduced.

To conclude, the key to successful gamification in the workplace is to understand what you hope to achieve out of it in the first place. Recognise what your workplace and employees need and know their motivations so that you can develop the right kinds of rewards systems to implement.

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