7 Examples Of Creative Festive Marketing Campaigns

Christmas Marketing

Every year, as soon as Halloween ends, the floodgates open and the Christmas marketing campaigns come back with a bang.  We see festive-jingle filled ads popping up in between our favourite TV shows, our inboxes become clogged with must-haves for the Christmas season and our social media feeds are loaded with gift inspiration.

Marketers all over the world are vying for the attention of consumers, hoping to win a spot under their Christmas trees and some brands do Christmas marketing very, very well.

1. Cola-Cola: Peace on Earth…. Or at Least in the Mall

We all know that shopping centres are manic at Christmas but this clever campaign from Coca-Cola Canada showed how our favourite beverages can bring peace, even during the madness.

The company used a video shared across social media in which two people fighting over a jacket on sale can find peace with one another by enjoying Coca-Cola products together.

2. Hotel Tonight: Visit, Don’t Stay

Christmas is a family occasion but sometimes everyone crammed under the one roof results in a festive blow-out. HotelTonight had the perfect plan to help avoid these situations, by making it easy for holiday travellers to visit family without staying with them.

As their promotion said: ‘Ready for the holidays? Grandma’s inflating your air mattress and checking it twice. Maybe this year you should visit, not stay…and book a hotel with HotelTonight’.

3. H&M: Come Together

In this festive feature directed by Wes Anderson and starring Academy Award winner Adrien Brody, we’re on a train, the ‘H&M Express’, Brody is the conductor and we see him through the window tearing a page off his calendar and bringing us up to December 25th. He makes an announcement to passengers – shown in separate compartments in the classic Anderson doll-house style – that due to severe weather, they won’t make it home for Christmas. Brody and his assistant call in emergency supplies in a bid to replicate Christmas and the pair transform the dining cart into a winter wonderland for all the passengers on board.

Instead of screaming about their winter clothing, H&M carefully incorporated its fashions into a heart-warming tale that had little to do with clothes.

4. John Lewis: Buster the Boxer

John Lewis’ Christmas campaign is always a jolly cracker, but their campaign staring Buster the Boxer might be the best one. Buster spends Christmas night watching foxes, badgers, squirrels and a hedgehog having a great time bouncing around on his owner Bridget’s new trampoline. As soon as Christmas morning arrives, it isn’t Bridget that’s first on her new bouncing gift but Buster.

John Lewis didn’t just leave it at the cute TV ad. The brand dedicated an entire section of its online shop to Buster and friends, making the whole campaign an interactive experience for the consumer.

5. Edeka: Wihnachtsclip – #Heimkommen

German supermarket Edeka’s Christmas campaign is a welcome reminder that Christmas is all about spending time with family and the people you love. It’s TV ad, Wihnachtsclip – #Heimkommen (which translates from German to ‘Christmas Carol - #Homecoming’), tells the tale of an elderly man who spends Christmas alone, since his children always cancel their planned visits at the last minute. Later, his grown children can be seen receiving letters saying their father has passed away. When they arrive at his house, they’re surprised to be greeted by their very alive father, who tells them ‘How else could I have brought you all together?’

Apart from the delicious meal enjoyed by the family, Edeka don’t shout about their products, instead the supermarket produced an emotional and shareworthy video that garnered 33.5 million views on YouTube within a week of posting.

6. British Airways – Thank You

For their 2014 Christmas campaign, British Airways turned the spotlight to the ‘world’s greatest travellers and explorers’ in a social media campaign video which thanked them for flying with the airline. The video featured images of all the destinations travellers had visited with the help of the airline throughout the year.

British Airways used the power of user-generated content to create a heart-warming holiday campaign.

 7. KFC – The Boy Who Learnt To Share

KFC is all about sharing and in their seasonal advert, the fast food giant wanted to showcase the ‘all-hands-in’ experience that comes from sharing KFC products.

Their 60-second Christmas TV advert tells the tale of six-year-old Charlie who learns the joy of sharing, just in time for Christmas (thanks to KFC’s famous sharing bucket).