Appreciation Days To Host For Your Employees

Appreciation Days For Employees

Research by One4all Rewards revealed that more and more employees want to be appreciated by their organisation for their hard work and efforts. 24% of UK workers said they would be motivated to work harder if their organisation had a rewards system in place, 23% said work would become more enjoyable for them, 20% said their performance would increase, 18.5% said they’d make more effort to demonstrate their hard work, and 18.4% said they would be more loyal to their company.

The research also revealed that happier employees are more productive so if you want your employees to work harder to achieve their targets, shower them with appreciation; here are 4 ways you can do that:

1. Host a treat day to celebrate the end of the months of quarters

Whether it’s ordering in pizza for lunch or offering other complimentary food, snacks, and beverages to employees is a simple but effective way of showing them that you recognise them and appreciate all they do for the organisation. After all, who doesn’t love free food?

2. Invest in your employees’ health

Employee wellbeing is a key issue that more companies are working to address to ensure that their employees remain happy and motivated at work – as we’ve said before, a happy workforce is a motivated workforce. To support your employees desire to have a better work-life balance, organise regular health and wellness days. On these days, provide free assessments and organise sports-based competitions where employees can win prizes like FitBits or personal training classes.

3. Organise an afternoon off for team activities

Teamwork is important for the success of a business so if you’ve got a team in your organisation that goes above and beyond to reach their targets, reward them with a fun afternoon of activities. This could be a board games tournament where teams compete to win prizes, a movie marathon with all the essential snacks, a group cooking or baking competition (that could end in dessert or disaster) where teams are tasked with cooking up a delicious treat or meal for a chance to be crowned ‘Star Chefs’ or ‘Star Bakers’, a scavenger hunt, or a volunteer day where teams can volunteer their time at a charity organisation of their choice.

4. Host an awards ceremony

Host an awards ceremony for employees that celebrates all the goals, big and small, that individual employees and teams hit throughout the year. You should build this night as the ‘Academy Awards’ of the company, encouraging employees to go all out with their outfits. And the awards given out on the night shouldn’t just focus on big group efforts or major company milestones. Instead, honour employees on an individual level; there could be an ‘Employee of the Year’ award that employees can nominate each other for, and you could assign awards to those who took on additional responsibilities, stepped up as leaders, or implemented exciting new projects. This will show your employees that you are noticing their hard work and keeping track of their performance and any goals that were surpassed, and this will give them all the more reason to continue their high level of productivity.

Don’t see anything on this list? Ask employees how they want to be appreciated. Rather than using trial and error to discover how your employees want to be rewarded for their efforts, just ask them. Send out a poll or survey of budget-friendly options and have employees vote on how they’d like to celebrate their achievements. Include some open-ended questions or a suggestion box so employees can expand on their ideas.

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