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If you have a question about purchasing or using a One4all Digital Gift Card, check out the FAQs below. Don’t see an answer to your question? Use the form at the bottom of the page to get help from our Customer Services team.


How to choose the right online Gift Card

The rise of mobile gifting has made giving a great gift easier than ever, but what’s the difference between an e-gift, a mobile gift card and a digital gift card?

E-Gift or E-Gift Card?

An e-gift (or e-gift card) is a code or barcode that can be purchased for and redeemed in a single store. E-gifts can be purchased online, sent via email then presented in-store or online to buy goods. Because the e-gift is simply a code, it can be used by anyone who has access to that code; this means that e-gifts are not as secure as digital gift cards (which are tied to a recipient’s account).

Mobile Gift Card?

A mobile gift card is similar to an e-gift, with some added flexibility and security. Mobile gift cards are still only available to purchase for use in a single store (e.g. a Debenhams mobile gift card), however in this case the code is purchased, sent and stored using a secure platform/app. The app can be used to store and keep track of your mobile gift cards.

Digital Gift Card?

Digital gift cards (like the One4all Digital Gift Card) offer the highest level of security, personalisation and flexibility of any online gift card. They work just like traditional One4all Gift Cards, with no plastic necessary. Digital gift cards can be bought, customised and sent online using a secure website, then spent in-store or online with thousands of different outlets. One4all Digital Gift Cards can be customised with a pre-made design or your own image, and can even include a video message. Find out more.

Buying Digital One4all

Using Digital One4all

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