Gratitude Practices That Employees Will Appreciate

Gratitude Practices That Employees Will Appreciate

‘Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it’

William Arthur Ward

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful – and in the modern-day workplace, with its high-stress levels and demanding deadlines, it’s important that leaders express gratitude to foster a more positive environment.

How should employers express gratitude

  • Be sincere: Compliments that come from a place of sincerity are more impactful as employees know their manager respects them, their qualities and skills. Providing honest and meaningful compliments is essential if gratitude is to be effective.
  • Be specific: Employees like compliments that praise specific actions or behaviours because it tells them what they should replicate in the future.

How can employers express gratitude

Send them a thank you note: While it’s easy and fast to thank an employee via SMS or email, nothing beats the power of a personal touch. Take some time to write a thank you card that highlights the efforts and achievements for which the employee is being praised. It’s a small gesture with big power.

-  Allow flexibility in work hours: Flexible work hours allow employees to create their own schedules (rather than being required to stick to the traditional 40-hour 9-to-5 work week) and decide when and where they work. Why employees like flexible working hours? They can adapt their schedule to fit family needs, they can work whenever they’re most productive, they like the sense of autonomy, and they can make time for self-care.

Organise events: Giving employees a break from work for an afternoon of fun activities is a great way to show them you appreciate all that they do. It can be anything from lunch and dinner parties to escape rooms, adventure rooms or theme parks.

-  Introduce a gamified rewards system: In this type of rewards programme, employees choose certain tasks for which they can earn points upon completion. These points could then be redeemed through a rewards portal for anything ranging from gift cards to extra holidays. Why it works? It ensures employees are appreciated in a way that is most meaningful to them.

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