Frequently Asked Questions

Spending Your One4all Gift Card

Which stores accept the One4all Gift Card?

Over 120 stores accept the One4all Gift Card. You can view the full retailer list here.


How do I spend the One4all Gift Card Online?

In a nutshell: use it like you would a Visa Debit card. If you need more help spending online, full instructions are available here. Make sure to check the Spend Online page to make sure your chosen retailer accepts the One4all Gift Card online, as not all retailers can do so.


I want to buy something worth more than the value of the card.

In-store: simply tell the cashier how much is on your One4all Gift Card and they will swipe for this amount, then you can pay the rest via cash or card.
Online: unfortunately this is not currently possible, as most websites do not accept multiple payment methods.


Can I spend my One4all Gift Card on Amazon.co.uk?

Unfortunately this option is no longer available.


Can I ‘top up’ or add extra funds to my One4all Gift Card?

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to top your card with additional funds, as the One4all Gift Card is a single-load card.


The retailer wasn’t sure how to process my One4all Gift Card.

All retailers should be fully knowledgeable about how to process the One4all Gift Card, however if they’re not sure, simply tell them to swipe the card like a typical Visa debit card (i.e. back in the days before Chip & PIN). Make sure you know your card’s balance, as the retailer won’t be able to check this for you.


My card didn’t work when I tried to spend it in-store.

There could be several reasons why this happened. Please check:

- That you know your balance, and it is more than or equal to the amount you’re trying to spend.
- The One4all Gift Card hasn’t expired (check the Valid Thru date on the front of the card).
- The retailer’s card terminal isn't working correctly.

Checking Your Gift Card Balance

How do I check the balance on my One4all Gift Card?

There are range of ways to check your gift card balance.

- Check balance online by clicking here
- Text 'My Balance' followed by your 16 digit card number to 57887 to receive an SMS stating your balance.
- Dowload our new iOS or Android app


My One4all Gift Card has zero balance.

The One4all Gift Card is a prepaid card which means that money must be loaded onto the card at the time of purchase. Once 24 hours have elapsed from the date of purchase, your balance will be available to spend.


Why do I need to know my balance?

Retailers do not have access to check your balance at their tills, as the One4all Gift Card is a prepaid Visa debit card (a bit like your bank card – retailers can’t see your bank balance). If they attempt to process the One4all Gift Card for more than the balance on the card then the transaction will be rejected.

Other Gift Card Questions

Postage & Shipping

Standard postage and packaging costs £0.99 ( Free on orders over £50 ) and will take 2 to 3 business days from time of order approval and dispatch.

Special Delivery costs £6.50 and will take 1 to 2 business days for delivery from time of order approval and dispatch. You will receive an email with the tracking number, so you can track your gift card in transit.  A signature will be required at time at time of delivery.


Purchasing Errors on One4all

If you have tried to make a payment and received an error or decline message please see the table below for the list of
reasons this might occur.

A processor decline indicates that your bank has refused the transaction request. Sometimes you can tell why it was
declined by reading the response code, but only your bank can confirm the specific reason.

The most common reasons for declines are:

Incorrect credit card number or expiration date
Insufficient funds
The bank declined based on location
The bank’s fraud rules blocked the transaction
Using autofill or scan card option when entering in payment details – retry and manually type in card details

I tried spending my One4all Gift Card online and it didn’t work.

Only selected stores accept the One4all Gift Card online. Additionally, One4all Gift Cards must be used as a prepaid Visa debit card with these retailers, rather than as a ‘store gift card’. The full list of online retailers, plus instructions on how to spend your card with them, is available here.


Can I combine multiple One4all Gift Cards?

In-store: you can use multiple One4all Gift Cards towards a single purchase.
Online: unfortunately it’s not possible to use multiple One4all Gift Cards when spending online, as most websites don’t accept multiple payment methods. However, you can contact our customer services team to arrange for your cards to be combined up to a maximum value of £120 (please note this will require you to send us your cards and pay a small fee).

Is there a fee for buying the One4all Gift Card?

There is no fee to purchase a One4all Gift Card in the Post Office. There is a fee of 99p for postage and packaging when purchasing One4all Gift Cards online.


Is there a minimum/maximum amount that I can buy a One4all Gift Card for?

The One4all Gift Card can be purchased in £1 denominations for any amount from £10 up to a maximum of £120. Corporate customers wishing to gift up to £400 to their staff can do so with a new Chip & PIN One4all Gift Card, coming soon.


What do I do if my One4all Gift Card gets lost or stolen?

To report a lost or stolen One4all Gift Card please call the customer service Helpline immediately on 03700 84 4444. You must have your card number in order for us place stop on the card and to replace it. A re-issue fee of £5.00 will apply. One4all cannot accept any liability for deductions from your card prior to you notifying us with full details. As soon as we are advised of the loss/theft of the card, One4all can block the card to prevent any further spending on the card, however we will require written confirmation of the loss/theft before we can replace the card.


How long is my One4all Gift Card valid for?

One4all Gift Cards can be spent free of charges for 18 months following the purchase date (i.e. when the card was bought from a Post Office or online). After this time a monthly charge of 90p will be deducted from funds remaining on the card, until the card balance reaches zero.


Do I have to use it all in the same shop or can I use it in different retailers?

You can spend your One4all Gift Card in as many shops as you like.


What if I have a complaint about the card?

At One4all we hope you enjoy spending you card. However, we do realise that at times things might not go as expected.  Should this happen and you cannot resolve the matter yourself please contact us on the Customer Service number or email at the bottom of the page.  If however, you wish to make a complaint please click here where we detail how you can make a complaint.

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