How To Create A Relaxed Work Day

Happy And Relaxed Employee

If your work day is loaded with to-do lists, meetings, and presentations, it may seem like you don’t have a minute to let your mind breath. ‘We need to give ourselves a break,’ psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., told Psychology Today. ‘It doesn’t really matter what the activity or inactivity is. If you keep going at full speed every day, it can be really hard on you, both physically and mentally. We were not designed to go 24/7/365’.

Finding ways to unwind on a regular basis is important for your physical and mental health – and sometimes, having a positive, relaxed mood depends on how you structure your day. An  infographic by Quid Corner offers a great guide on how to create a relaxing work day. Here’s some of their tips:

Before work:


  • Energise by sitting in the shower for a few minutes.
  • Reduce your stress hormones ahead of work by sniffing some coffee.
  • Apply pressure to the fleshy skin between your thumb and index finger – Chinese medicine says it will help with relaxation.
  • Some quick stretches.


  • Hit the snooze button on your alarm.
  • Force your sleepy self to make decisions – sort everything out the night before.
  • Wake up in the dark, leave your curtains half open.
  • Leave the house without drinking.
  • Eat breakfast on the go – you’ll save money and probably take in less sugar, which can contribute to stress.

On your lunch break:


  • Get out into the sun to life your spirits.
  • Spend a few minutes looking out of the window.
  • Reduce stress by de-cluttering your desk.
  • Drip cold water on your wrists to help cool and calm you.
  • Drink some herbal tea, for example, chamomile which aids relaxation.


  • Pay to entertain yourself – many towns and cities offer free lunch time concerts or performances.
  • Waste your time – many museums and galleries offer free entry.
  • Stay still – go for a walk instead.
  • Eat fast food – the high fat and salt content can affect stress levels.
  • Do the same thing – every lunch break, try new places to eat or walk.  

After work:


  • Clear your head with five minutes of ‘alone time’.
  • Listen to classical music before bed.
  • Take your mind off your work with a crossword.
  • Phone someone close to you.
  • Raid your cupboards for a bit of chocolate (which has been proven to help de-stress).


  • Waste the commute home – clear your mind with a book, or even get off the train early and walk.
  • Be drawn to continue dealing with work issues after the working day is done.
  • Leave the office without tying up loose ends.
  • Forget to eat a proper dinner – even basics in your cupboards can be used to make something nutritious and soul-warming.
  • End the day on a negative note – try to do, or think of, something positive.