How To Make Employees Feel Valued

How To Make Employees Feel Valued

When employees feel valued in their workplace, productivity, engagement and motivation levels go up, and turnover levels come down. To promote a positive work culture, employers need to ensure their workforce are regularly valued and appreciated – here are some ways to do this:

Recognition: Simple yet effective, recognising employees, their skills, talents, and achievements is the easiest way to make them feel valued in the workplace. It can come through a one-on-one meeting, in the form of raises and bonuses, or in a group setting. The most important thing is that it’s done, and regularly.

Feedback: Employees want to know their role in the company so giving feedback on their performance – positive and negative – is an effective way of showing them their work is recognised and appreciated.  When employees are more aware of their career goals, their performance, motivation and engagement in the workplace increases. Feedback is best given in a one-on-one meeting or via a detailed email.

Ask for their opinion: One of the best ways of making employees feel valued in the workplace is to directly involve them in business matters, for example upcoming company projects or proposed changes to internal systems. Why this works? Employees will appreciate the opportunity to present their voice and ideas.

Communicate regularly: Always keep employees in the loop of what’s happening at the organisation – from updates to achievements, future goals to the company’s ongoing mission. With a high level of transparency, employees feel trusted and as though they’re an important part of the organisation.

Say ‘thank you’: The power of the phrase ‘thank you’ is indescribable but it’s an often overlooked method of appreciation. Studies have found saying thank you to employees for their hard work and efforts boosts their morale, increases their job satisfaction and creates an overall healthy, positive culture. And this can be done in a number of ways, for example, a simple verbal thank-you to an individual, a public thank you to an entire team for their efforts, an e-mail or written note.

Give the benefits they want: Get to know your employees, what motivates them and drives their performance and tailor workplace benefits to meet these needs. Benefits include:

  • Bonuses
  • Gift Cards
  • Health benefits
  • Gym membership
  • Points-based rewards
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