How To Show Workplace Gratitude Without Spending A Fortune

How To Show Workplace Gratitude Without Spending A Fortune

Successful communication of appreciation and gratitude is a powerful tool to engage and motivate employees. A recent study by One4all Rewards found that 48% of UK workers would be likely to leave a company if their employer did nothing to say thank you or show gratitude. Employee appreciation is key for companies to increase productivity, morale and team loyalty, and companies that show they value employee contributions have seen increased work rate and output.

The good news is that the power of ‘thank you’ is being harnessed by more and more UK businesses as One4all Rewards research shows that the number of employees who say they regularly receive a sincere thank you from their bosses has increased by 38% in the past five years.

If you’re looking for ways to show employee appreciation without breaking the budget, here are three ideas that could work for you:

1. Deliver thanks in person: It’s great to acknowledge an employee’s work and achievements in emails or group meetings but go a step further and arrange a one-to-one meeting where you can praise individual employees in a more personal setting. And make the praise specific to their skills, talents, and contributions.

2. Give something of value: Get to know what motivates employees and when showing appreciation, be sensitive to the individual and what they value. For example, if an employee loves to travel, one option is to give them extra time off or if an employee has a long commute to the office, you may allow them to work remotely from time to time.

3. Build a platform for group sharing of gratitude: Make gratitude a regular expression in the workplace. This could be a few minutes at the start of team meetings, a bulletin board in the office, a monthly internal newsletter or a page on the company’s internal site. In a culture where gratitude is widely delivered, the rewards are clear to see.

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