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Between big data analysis, online business experts, TED Talks and endless business podcasts, in 2019 it is easy to forget about the basics of business, which have been relied upon for centuries to drive companies forward.

Given the wealth of business strategy and advice now available online, the word ‘thank you’ might not seem like a particularly powerful business tool - but when authentically and genuinely expressed, it can be an effective tool to supercharge commercial performance – and many businesses are now utilising this to drive their own growth.

Business is about people, after all, and people respond well to being thanked. As such, businesses that regularly and authentically express thanks to stakeholders – whether they are employees, customers or those within its professional network – can benefit from a butterfly effect on a range of commercial factors. Whether it is increased sales and leads, improved productivity, staff retention rates, or real-time savings on things like recruitment fees, expressing thanks can have a powerful effect on the bottom line.

This is the hypothesis we sought to test in this report.

In this report, we use a survey of 1,253 UK workers and consumers to measure just how much of an impact a simple ‘thank you’ can have on the things that are crucial to business success – from staff motivation to attracting new customers.

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