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Reward Card

In partnership with Team Rewards and Salary Extras we offer some great employee benefits

Cycle to Work

  • New bike

    This government-backed scheme offers employees the opportunity to buy a brand new bike for commuting to work. Providing the main use of the bike is for cycling to work, you will make significant savings on the cost of the bike and you will still be able to use it in your leisure time too!


Childcare Vouchers

  • Childcare savings

    A tax-free and National Insurance exempt scheme that provides significant savings for employees and save employers National Insurance contributions too!

  • Salary sacrifice

    All eligible working parents with children aged up to 16 can request Childcare Vouchers by exchanging or sacrificing part of their gross salary (up to £243 per month or £55 per week for basic rate tax payers and £124 per month or £28 per week for higher rate tax payers). Further information is contained on: www.salary-exchange.co.uk.

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