Social Club Ideas Your Employees Will Love Taking Part In

Social Club Ideas

Are you planning an employee night out but stuck for ideas? You’ve landed in the right place as here we discuss 4 social club activities your co-workers will love:

1. Murder Mystery Dinner

Let your colleagues play the roles of detectives for a night in a fun and interactive murder mystery dinner. A few days before, give your colleagues their character packages which should contain the character description, costume suggestions, and background on the story.

On the night, as cocktails and tasty canapés are served, everyone will receive additional clues – these clues may be about their own character or the murder. Over the course of the evening, they need to complete the puzzle by putting all the clues together to figure out who is guilty of the crime.

2. Outdoor Movie Night

When the warmer weather hits, nothing beats relaxing over a picnic, some beers, and a good movie so if you’ve got a large outdoor space around your workplace, set up an outdoor movie theatre.

You’ll need projectors, screens, lights and speakers, and a theme for the night, for example, sports movies, 80s horror classics, or 90s rom coms.  Rent out a couple of food trucks that will dish out tasty cinema-like treats like popcorn, hot dogs, nachos with hot cheese sauce, chocolates, and sweets.

3. Escape Room Adventure

Escape Rooms have soared in popularity in recent years and it’s not hard to see why – they’re fun, and great at augmenting team-building and problem solving skills.

Here’s how it works (if you’re completely new to the concept): you and your colleagues are trapped in a room; you have an hour to get out and the only way out is by working together to solve a series of puzzles and clues.

4. Office World Cup/Euros

Jump on the excitement of big sporting events like the World Cup or European Championships by organising an office tournament.

You’ll need to split departments up into ‘country teams’, do a draw for matches, and over the course of a month, teams will go head-to-head in fun five-a-side matches as they fight for the Office Cup Trophy.

What will your next team night be?