These Two Little Words Have A Huge Impact On Workplace Culture

The Power Of Thank You Feature

Saying the words ‘Thank You’ to employees for a job well done could be the simplest, yet most effective way to boost their morale, increase their job satisfaction and create an overall healthy, positive workplace culture. Here’s why:

Thanking employees increases productivity: Studies have found that leaders who show a little gratitude motivate their employees to be more productive. For example, in a study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania involving fundraising calls, employees who were thanked by their managers made 50% more calls than their co-workers.

Thanking employees improves well-being: Studies have shown that employees who are thanked by their employees are less stressed and this leads to better physical health like lower blood pressure, improved immunity and healthier hearts.

Thanking employees increases job satisfaction: When employees are recognised and appreciated for their efforts by their manager, they’re happier in their job and more likely to stay with the company longer.

Thanking employees builds mental strength: Grateful employees are more emotionally resilient and better equipped to manage stressful situations and toxic emotions.

How to show gratitude

Rather than forced fun (in the form of parties) and generic merch (like branded company shirts and mugs), the most personal way to show gratitude to employees is to write a thank you note or email. Sending a thank you email or leaving a handwritten thank you note on an employee’s desk is a great way to show appreciation. It’s important to remember that not everyone likes to be thanked publicly so sending a private will be more meaningful and impactful to them.