Top Tips For Creating Email Templates

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If you’re looking to send emails that deliver on targets, email templates are the option for you. They save time, bring standardisation and when designed properly, boost your response rate.

Here are our top tips for creating email templates that work:

Quick reading should be the focus of your email content

A perfect email is short and clear. It doesn’t contain lengthy paragraphs chock full of unnecessary filler words and won’t take the recipient 10 minutes to read. Most email readers spend less than 15 – 20 seconds to scan through an email so the template should be prioritised – from top to bottom – for quick read. Use attractive sub-headings, headers, and bullets and leave plenty of white space to keep your email content clutter free. Also, always consider; your audience, the purpose of the email and the CTA, when creating your copy.

Fonts should be attractive, but readable  

The font you use in your email templates should reflect the company’s brand image and at the same time, be legible. Popular font types are Calibri, Arial, Times Roman, Serif, Georgia, etc. but make sure to test different fonts, colours and sizes before deciding on the final style. And make sure to test it across different devices – desktop, mobile, tablet. If you find it difficult to read parts of the email, your receiver will too. Only send your email when you are 100% sure your receiver will be able to read it.

Go for unique but responsive email templates

Your email design and layout should be fresh and unique but basic enough to ensure it still works for your email content, business type and customers. And always use responsive templates because not all your viewers will read the email on the same device, a responsive design enables the browser to fit your email to the screen. The best thing to do is create a couple of templates, test them and save the best performing as the template.

Use your brand assets

The design of your email template should define the company. From logos to colours, products to certifications, incorporating the company’s assets into your email templates creates brand presence and instantly adds credibility to the email message.

Know your email reader

Always keep your email reader (customers) in focus when creating email content. When you know your target audience, you can include CTAs that you know your readers will be drawn to. CTAs should be short, clear, visible and attractive enough for your readers to see, click on and take action, whether its to sign up, follow, register, or buy now.