Two Things Employees Need From Their Workplace

Two Things Employees Need From Their Workplace

Employees’ demands and expectations in the workplace have evolved a lot over the years, especially with up to five generations working side by side in today’s workforce. As such, it can be difficult for employers to keep up with their staff’s desires. However, when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent, two qualities will always reign supreme; communication and gratitude.


Employers and managers should communicate expectations, goals, and important company updates to their specific team members regularly. Why?

  1. It boosts growth: When employees are kept in the loop on company matters, it eliminates any uncertainties in roles which as a result contributes to the growth of business.
  2. It boosts productivity: When communication is encouraged in the workplace, managers understand their employees’ talents and skills, which gives them a clear direction of the people who are best suited to specific roles and projects. As a result, productivity thrives.
  3. It increases loyalty: When there is a good line of communication with management, employees trust their managers and feel comfortable discussing any professional or personal issues in the workplace; this leads to increased loyalty to the organisation.
  4. It improves teamwork: An open line of communication creates strong teams; team members are encouraged to be honest, share their opinions and consider those of others, consult with others, and discuss their progress on projects and tasks.
  5. It increases innovation: In a work environment with effective communication, employees are encouraged to be more creative and innovative in the workplace, resulting in more thoughts and ideas.


More businesses are seeing the power the words ‘thank you’ have on encouraging positivity, productivity and engagement in the workplace. Employees want to be recognised for the work they do and by companies and managers showing gratitude to them, they’re acknowledging their importance to the business and its success. Research by One4all Rewards shows the majority (65%) of UK employees would be motivated to work harder if they received an individual cash bonus or gift card at regular intervals from their employer. On the opposite end, businesses who don’t reward their employees and don’t express their gratitude may find the growth that comes from a motivated workforce is achieved at a slower rate, as more than 1 in 3 (40%) of  UK employees say they would feel less motivated to work harder if their employer did nothing to say ‘thank you’ or show appreciation for a job well done.

With gratitude, the goal is to make showing and feeling it a regular part of the company culture, and it doesn’t need to be an expensive trip or extravagant merchandise, it can be as simple as a note, handshake, public shout-out, or one-to-one meeting – but it has to be immediate, specific, personal, sincere and positive. When employees feel valued for their talents and the work they do, they become more engaged, productive and motivated – and when the workforce is feeling positive about their role in a company, they’re more likely to stick around.